Verification Process

Card Stock LLC has implemented a third-party identity system to reduce the high risk associated with purchasing gift cards.
Go to Settings and click Billing Information. Enter all the fields with valid information and click Save Info. The verification process is instant. Once you click Save Info, you will see Verification Pass at the top of the screen.
Card Stock LLC uses a third-party company to verify our customers identity. The data is collected from different sources including consumer data and SSN verification. If you cannot get verified, we recommend that you double check the information provided. Feel free to email us at help@cardstock.online with questions.
Card Stock uses a third-party company that is fully compliant with federal regulations including but not limited Red Flags and Customer Identification Program (CIP) compliance. Card Stock does not store any customers/buyer’s SSN in our system.

Buying A Gift Card

It’s easy!
  • Step 1. Download the Card Stock app or go visit our online store at www.cardstock.online.
  • Step 2. Click the Sign-Up button and register or log in through Facebook or Google.
  • Step 3. Browse our current inventory.
  • Step 4. Select the discounted gift card(s) you want to purchase and add it to your cart.
  • Step 5. Go to Cart and complete the checkout information.
Due to the high risk associated with gift cards, each buyer is charged a small one-time fee to help cover the cost related to identity verification.
All of Card Stock gift cards are electronic and are delivered to your Card Stock wallet within 24 hours after you complete the purchase.
It’s important that you know how your gift card can be used before purchase. There are four methods: In Store Use- This gift card can only be used at the physical store location. Online Use- This gift card can only be used at the merchant’s online website. In Store & Online Use-This gift card can be used at both the physical store and the merchant’s website. In App Use- You are required to download the merchant’s mobile application. After you create an account, you can add your gift card on their payment screen. The gift card can be redeemed through the merchant’s mobile app. You will see the delivery method before adding the gift card to your shopping cart.
We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.
Card Stock allows its sellers to pick their own selling price. Be on the lookout for those great deals, don’t miss out!
For select merchant’s gift cards sold on Card Stock, you can use the push button feature in your wallet and the balance will auto update. If the balance does not update automatically you can check the balance at the merchant’s website or via their 800 number.
All balances are verified before the gift card is listed on our market place. However, these are secondary gift cards, we strongly recommend that you use the gift card before the warranty period expired. Within the warranty period, you can dispute the gift card by clicking on the “Dispute” feature located under More Info on the gift card.

Selling A Gift Card

It’s simple!
  • Step 1. Select Sell and complete the registration information.
  • Step 2. Select the merchant from the list.
  • Step 2. Enter the gift card number and pin (if applicable).
  • Step 3. Check the card’s balance and choose a selling price.
  • Step 4. Submit card to marketplace
The available merchant list is viewable within the Card Stock app.
Due to various issues, at this time, we are only accepting these specific merchant cards from select sellers. Feel free to list cards for other available merchants.
Listing your gift card on our marketplace is always free. Once your card sells, our market fee is a flat 15% of the selling price. In addition, all seller who sell over $300 monthly will be charged a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee.
Yes, to change the price, go to your listing and adjust the percent off or selling price.
Yes, if you would like to become a bulk seller, please complete the seller application within the app. We currently do not offer bulk seller rates, please check back for updates.
All of our sellers are paid via ACH. Once the warranty period is up and the funds have been released, you can withdraw your available funds. Payment takes roughly 48 hours.
Send us an email at support@cardstock.online. You will receive a response with 48 hours.
Once your gift card is submitted it will go through our processing system and listed within 48 hours. If the gift card cannot be verified, it will be rejected.


The warranty period is the period in which Card Stock guarantees the funds and use of the gift card. The warranty period ranges from 7-30 days. The warranty period is visible on the screen that shows the purchase price, before checkout. The warranty period is effective immediately after purchase and delivery on the gift card to your Card Stock wallet. Once you have purchased the gift card(s), the funds are held. During this time, we strongly suggest that you use the card in its entirety and take advantage of the savings immediately. During the warranty period, if the cards value decrease, the merchant would not accept the gift card, or if the gift card becomes inactive, you are entitled to a refund for the unused portion of the gift card. When the warranty period ends, the funds are released to the seller immediately. Once the funds are released to the seller, we cannot issue a refund or replacement.
Card Stock will respond within 48 hours of submission.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer a replacement or refund after the warranty period expires. Once the warranty period ends, the funds are automatically released to the seller. We highly recommend that you only purchase gift cards that you will spend during the specified warranty period. Although we cannot issue a refund, we still would like to be aware of any discrepancies with your gift card so we can take appropriate action toward the seller. You can report these discrepancies by selecting the help feature within the app or by sending an email to help@cardstock.online.

Return Policy

Gift cards purchased from the Card Stock app are delivered quickly and all sales are final. Once the order has been submitted we cannot cancel it. Our buyers and sellers are protected under the specified warranty period for each card. To avoid a dispute with a transaction, we thoroughly screen our sellers and monitor their accounts daily.
Fraudulent claims may include:
  • A buyer filing a chargeback after receiving their electronic gift card.
  • A buyer filing a chargeback after the warranty period ends.
Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences and in addition, we reserve the right to permanently ban/inactivate the buyer's account under the return policy.