Terms of Use

This website is operated by Card Stock LLC.

Terminology applicable to these specific Terms and Conditions, as well as any and all Agreements based thereupon, is as follows:- “The Customer”, “Member”, “Your” and “You” refers directly to you, as the individual making use of this website, and the individual who accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Card Stock shall henceforth be referred to as “Website”, “Company”, “Us” and “We”. The purpose of this document is to outline and govern the relationship between you (buyer or seller) and us. Your use of and access to this website, as well as the services it offers (known collectively as the “Services”) is subject to the notices, terms and conditions detailed below (known collectively as the “Terms of Service”).

We reserve the right to amend this Agreement from time to time as we see fit, and also reserve the right to amend the Cookie Policy and/or the Privacy Policy also. Should amendments occur, we shall notify you.


Your presence on and use of this website is your statement and confirmation that you are minimum 13 years of age, and have never previously been blocked, banned or suspended from the app. You additionally state and confirm that

(1) the information submitted by you while signing up for the website is 100% accurate; or (2) you will not violate the policies and regulations listed in the agreement.

Furthermore, you state that you will not, under any circumstances, make use of this website for illegal activities.


You must create an account to buy or sell products. You agree to submit correct information while creating your account. You also understand and acknowledge that you will create only one account. Creating multiple accounts to participate in giveaways is strictly prohibited. In case we suspect you have created multiple accounts, we will delete all your accounts and cease your access to our website.

General Terms

We aim to ensure that all the information displaying on our website, including descriptions, prices and specifics, is up to date and accurate. Nevertheless, errors may sometimes occur. In the event that we identify an error relating to your profile/ account, we will always inform you of this at the earliest possible opportunity, and provide you with the option to review, confirm or update your information.

Sellers reserve the rights to change pricing details at their own discretion. The users understand that we also reserve the rights to refuse orders in the event we suspect that you have made a fraudulent purchase.

Use of the Website

By making use of our website, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following terms:

  • You shall not make use of the website to commence or further any unlawful or fraudulent activity.
  • You shall not copy, disclose or distribute the website or its components in any format, including but not limited to “scraping” via automatic or non automatic means.
  • You shall not utilize the website in any unlawful manner.
  • You shall not interfere with or compromise the security or integrity of the system, nor make any attempt to do so. Nor shall you decipher or attempt to decipher transmissions from or to the Website servers.
  • You shall not use scrapers, crawlers, spiders, robots or other means to interface with or extract data from the website other than the means provided by us.
  • You shall not use bots or other software to issue messages through our website.
  • You shall not access the website for the purpose of attempting to build similar products or services.
  • You shall not take actions that impose or have the potential to impose large or unreasonable demands on our hardware or infrastructure. What constitutes a large or unreasonable load is at our own discretion.
  • You will not use fraudulent methods to donate the money.

If at any time we discover that you are undertaking any of the actions or behaviors described, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access to our website. While we will generally provide explanations to users suspended or terminated, we are not obligated to do so and reserve the right to terminate or suspend the access of any user without explanation or notice, at any time.

Data Protection

You agree that your personal data may be processed in the context of the Agreement for the purposes described within it. You also agree that we may store this data beyond the end of the Contract Term until you specifically revoke our permission to do so. If we are required to collect any further data from you in the context of providing services to you, you agree to provide the necessary data to us without delay.

Selling Terms

We allow bulk sellers to post their listings on our website. Sellers can download the Card Stock application, login into their accounts and complete the MojoPay merchant application in their seller tab. Once you submit the application, MojoPay will contact you and verify your documents (proofs).

MojoPay charges a monthly fee of $9.95. There are no hidden charges.

As a seller, you understand that you are liable for chargeback fees, bank fees, transaction charges, and any other fee directly related to your account. We suggest our sellers to keep detailed records for at least six months after the sale.

As a seller, you reserve the rights to choose a price for your gift card. Sellers are able to list gift cards for free, however we charge a flat 10% market fee once your card sells. Our sellers are paid via ACH. MojoPay releases payments directly to the account of your choice, and it may take 48 hours to receive the payment.

Buying Terms

The gift cards will be instantly delivered to your Card Stock wallet as soon as the purchase is completed. As a buyer, you agree and acknowledge to use genuine and authentic payment methods. We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

We suggest our buyers to understand how to use the gift card properly before making a purchase. Furthermore, you must use the card before the expiration of warranty period. If you suspect any issue before the warranty is expired, you can open a dispute within the app. The warranty period ranges from 7-30 days (the actual warranty period will be displayed on the screen before you checkout) and is effective immediately after the purchase is made.

The warranty period ends when a user clicks on "release funds to seller", or when the warranty period is over.

The buyer agrees that we are unable to offer refund or replacement after the warranty period expires. Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences and in addition, we reserve the right to permanently inactivate/suspend the buyer's account at our own discretion.

Liabilities and Disclaimers

All the content displayed by this website is not covered by any warranty, conditions or guarantee regarding its accuracy. Unless express statement is provided to the contrary, and to the maximum degree that the law permits, Card Stock and all associated content providers, advertisers and suppliers hereby expressly and completely exclude without limitation all warranties, conditions and/or other terms that might otherwise be implied by the legislation, or the regulations of equity, and disclaim liabilities for damages, including but not limited to indirect, direct, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages, damages for loss of profit, loss of data, loss of use or other intangibles, damages to reputation or goodwill, procurement cost for alternative services or goods necessitated by or related to the inability to use, use of, failures or other performance of this website or any Linked Sites and material posted thereupon, regardless of whether any such damages were foreseeable or arose in equity, tort, contract, restitution, at common law, by statute or otherwise.

Language, Governing Law, Miscellany

This Agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws. Both parties agree, to the extent applicable law permits, that competent courts have jurisdiction, on a non exclusive basis, to hear and determine any action, proceeding or suit, as well as settle any dispute, arising from or connected to this Agreement.

You, as a user of our website, do not have and cannot receive ownership interests in any part of our website. You are entitled only to the revocable access and license detailed above.

You are prohibited from selling, leasing, distributing, transferring or sublicensing the website. If you breach any of these restrictions and we do not withdraw your license or Website access, this does not constitute our condoning of your actions or limit our right to withdraw license or access in the future.

Intellectual Property

Our website, along with its design and images, writings, templates, text, graphics, scripts, features, logos or trademarks contained within (termed as “Trademarks”) are all licensed to or owned by us (or the respective owners), and are subject to intellectual property and copyright laws both of the United States and international conventions. We reserve all rights in and to the website, including those not expressly granted. You agree that you shall not engage in the usage, distribution or copying of any contents or components of the website without our express permission, in writing.


You state and confirm that you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless our Company, and all members, managers, directors, officers, contractors, employees, agents and joint venturers thereof, against and from any damages, claims, losses, obligations, costs, expenses, debts and liabilities (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) which arise from:

  • Your access to or usage of the website.
  • Violation of any term of the Cookie Policy, the Privacy Policy or the Agreement by you.
  • Violation of third party rights, including but not limited to property, copyright or contractual right, by you.


All rights permitted to us by this Agreement, as well as any additional rights permitted by applicable law, are reserved by us. If we choose not to enforce any provision of this Agreement or any applicable law, this does not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce the same provision should different or the same circumstances occur at any future time.